Friday, September 19, 2014


We had a great time in Jackson MS, visiting with Karen & Ruth and seeing some friends that we have not seen in a while, plus meeting new Schnauzer people.  Bootsy Hooker of Lexington MS (who owned Panzer) wanted to buy Parker, but think he would have settled for any one of the dogs.  He made a surprise visit to the motor home and we caught up on news.  Thanks for stopping by Bootsy!

Now to wins:  Korpprer's I Love Parker, a 8 mth old puppy, 1st time in the AKC ring, went Opposite Sex the second day for a 3 point major.
3rd day-Best of Breed/Best of Winners - 5 pt major
4th day-Best of Winners/Opposite sex- 3 pt major

Korppret's Gentle on My Mind went winners for 2 pts

CH Korppret's Goin' Down to Louisiana went select for a 5 pt major toward her Grand

Korppret'sCarrillon Korppret Heart to Heart  Winners or Best of Winners for 3 majors - 9 pts

CH Korppret's Gypsy Woman all 4 days was either Best of Breed/Best of Opposite or select 
for  four (4) 5 pt majors.  Making her a Grand Champion- finishing with 5 majors.

Needless to say- we are very proud to be associated with the owners of these dogs & to be able to show them.  I will post some pictures when we get them

Monday, September 8, 2014

Jake says "Every Schnauzer should have a cart with his name on it"!

Jake's Dad told me this:  Jake saw a dog riding in a car with personalized plates and got jealous, so....